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When he admitted that he wished something romantic could have happened with Amy, it didn’t feel contrived; it felt honest. The situation made such a revelation understandable; Jake should be scared to go undercover with a crime family, so it made sense for him to want to tell Amy how he feels in case something bad happens to him.

Samberg’s delivery of that whole confession was excellent; it was a little awkward, but it was also completely sincere. I liked that he acknowledged that it was bad timing and that he never pressured her for a response. (I also loved that she didn’t give him one because her shocked silence felt realistic.) The moment when the sounds of another person leaving the building broke the spell for Jake was so subtly powerful; you can see the moment his happy-go-lucky mask goes back on, but you also know something between them has changed forever.

Amy and Jake were a TV couple I never expected to root for as much as I do, but now I am completely invested in their journey together. (x)


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