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So you’re really going through with this?

#lets take a moment to appreciate this deleted scene #lets take to look at our lives and realize how neglected Rhodey is in our fandom #look at this man for a moment #i know the scene wasnt in the movie but that doesnt say any less of rhodey #he is loyal and he has faith in tony #he has faith in the asshole best friend he has and his ability to survive #because rhodey knows tony is better than he thinks he is #and rhodey would even take a bullet before he stops having faith in tony #that and the fact that he’d do anything to save tony is probably the top 5 reasons why i love him #rhodey #feels again #sorry #there should be a parallel of this and that scene when Steve doesnt listen to Colonel Phillips and goes save Bucky’s ass…

We can’t keep risking assets, least of all you.  You know any of these guys would walk through fire to have your career.

Rhodey is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force and one of their best men across the board.  But somehow people tend to write him as an asshole with no skills or talents beyond being a shitty friend to Tony.  This general doesn’t want to risk one of his best soldiers in the search for Tony Stark, and that soldier is Rhodey.  On Tony’s jet when they’re drunk and babbling and Rhodey tells Tony that he has it in him to be a hero and a great man, Tony’s response is pretty much, “I can’t do that, I’m not like you,” basically just saying “you’re a great man and a hero and I could never measure up to you.”  Tony sees what this General sees in Rhodey, that he’s talented and valuable to both the military and Tony personally.  There’s even another deleted scene where Tony and Rhodey are out in the fray together while he’s being kidnapped, and Tony is a screaming mess, just yelling Rhodey’s name in a “come save me” manner.

I want to see more of Rhodey The Hero in MCU fanworks.  Rhodey The Full-Bird Colonel.  Rhodey The MIT Grad And Engineer.  Rhodey The Asset That The Military Would Sacrifice Its #1 Arms Manufacturer For.  Rhodey The Person That Tony Cries Out For During A Hail Of Bullets.  Rhodey The Best Friend of Tony Stark.  Rhodey The Man Who Rescued Tony, And Wouldn’t Give Up Until He Did. 

I could even deal with people not shipping Rhodey with folks and just writing him in a more positive canon-accurate way.  Just stop erasing him, because he exists and is a big part of Tony’s life.  At that point in the film, he is the biggest part of Tony’s life.

Rhodey The Asset That The Military Would Sacrifice Its #1 Arms Manufacturer For.

Just wanted to emphasize that one. Tony talks about a military industrial complex that isn’t being held accountable, and yeah I’m sure that’s true in real life as well as the MCU, but in this particular case it’s the CIVILIANS who need to be held accountable—it’s Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane, the weapons’ manufacturers, who have to shut it down or BE shut down. Whereas this two-star general KNOWS that Rhodey is worth TEN Tony Starks. The military respects Rhodey and Rhodey respects the military, and TONY respects the military in large part because he’s seen again and again a prime example of an officer and a gentleman in James Rhodes.

#rhodey can join the army-assassin fun club#founding members and co-presidents nat and clint#secretary sam#p.r.o. steve#rhodey can be treasurer bc after years as tony’s bff he knows how to handle money

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